The Advrsry feat. at INIVA

Designer, writer and director Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo presents the archive, Unmaterialised, in conversation with Dr. Bernadette Buckley.

Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo introduces Unmaterialised, an archive that explores ancient sound practices to blur the lines between fact and fiction, which will unravel the narratives that form today’s society.

Sitting on the crux of political-sciences (humanities), social-fiction (fiction) & Historical-futurism (time travel), Unmaterialised confronts the negotiated rational bubbles we as individuals construct, with an intention to place doubt as a means to instigate an investigation.

This presentation will not only bring to the fore historical inaccuracies embedded in global narratives, but also the psychology of the individuals that construct them. Through innovative archival practices, it will explore methods of shape and recount culture within politics, which will be explored in collaboration with The Advrsry.
Listen here : Research Network : Forces At Work | 27 Jul 2017